Thursday, March 22, 2012

Putrajaya' Buildings and Landmarks - PICC

Putrajay was planned and built to be a self-sustained futuristic smart city, which comprises of administrations offices, residential facilities, parks, gardens and lake as well as facilies for businesses and pleasures. Rising majestically on Putrajaya’s highest point Puncak Selatan, Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) is more than just another landmark, it is Malaysia’s gift to the world. Initially, to offer world leaders a venue with world-class hospitality and services to facilitate internationally significant discussions in an effective manner.

The building’s unique design combines the traditional shape and concept of the ‘wau’ (a type of ancient kite) and the ‘pending perak’ (silver royal belt buckle), where the main halls are set in the bejeweled ‘eye’ of the ‘pending perak’. Thus the concept of reaching great heights is associated with the tying of the attire. All these architectural elements come together to realize the concept of unity.With a total area of 135,000 square metres (1.3 million square feet) spread over nine levels, PICC offers ample space for the largest conventions as well as individual rooms for a quiet summit of two parties amidst cutting-edge facilities which ensure conducive interaction and optimum comfort.

Now, PICC is activelly being used as the venue for variety of functions and events from meetings and conventions, courses, corporate dinners, awards ceremonies, graduations as well as weddings.

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